What We Are Packing

When we first started thinking about going travelling, we researched a lot on what to wear.

We got most of our clothes from Primark or in the sales to keep the cost down. However, we went on a spontaneous trip to Decathlon and got a few bits from there at a good price.

We’ve tried to pack to a minimum, around 2 weeks worth of clothes. The rest we will get when we are out there because we have researched that everything is a lot cheaper in South East Asia. We got the essentials that will last us for a while, and we will worry about everything else when it comes to it.

Below are the clothes we plan on taking:



3x pairs of shoes (1x comfy flip flops, 1x pair of trainers & 1x evening sandals)
7x pairs of socks
8x underwear
5x pairs of shorts (2x evening shorts, 3x comfy/sports shorts)
4x trousers (3x traveller trousers, 1x leggings)
2x bikinis
3x bras
7x tops (2x tank tops, 3x tank tops & 2 vest tops)
2x dresses
1x short playsuit
1x rain mac
1x fleece
1x jumper
1x cap

I have a VANGO Sherpa 65 Rucksack, Black, which I was lucky enough to borrow from a friend. The bag is perfect for me being 65-litres. I would advise going into a shop such as Snow and Rock and trying on some bags, even if you don’t intend on buying a bag there and then. They will show you how to properly fit the bag and try and find the best size for you.



3x pairs of shoes (1x flip flops & 2 trainers)
9x pairs of socks
8x underwear
5x pairs of shorts (1x evening shorts, 4x comfy/sports shorts)
1x pair of trousers
2x swimming trunks
9x tops (3x vest tops, 5x t-shirts & 1x shirt)
1x fleece
1x jumper
1x rain mac
2x caps

James was also lucky enough to be able to borrow a bag from his friend too. His bag is an 80-litre Quechua rucksack which was a little bigger than mine (meaning he can carry more of my bits!) Again, this bag is good quality and is suitable for him with plenty of space for all our items.

Tip: the most important factor is to not overpack and don’t worry about being glamorous! It is also a good idea to swap half of your clothes around so that if one case goes missing, you haven’t entirely lost all your clothes. I would also advise putting tape on all your liquid bottles, this will prevent anything leaking and ruining your clothes before you even get there!