Goodbye Hanoi, Hello Ha Long Bay

As we said goodbye to Hanoi, it was time to move onto our next destination, Ha Long Bay. We were going to travel to Ha Long Bay via bus which would cost us around £10 each one way. We were being haggled by people trying to get us to do a boat cruise to Halong Bay which made us think, that might not be a bad idea. There are many different types of cruises and eventually, we chose a 1-day cruise.

We would have loved to do an overnight cruise, but that was quite out of our budget so we opted out.We researched all over the internet where we could get a decent cruise from, and discovered a page on the internet explaining about scams. In Hanoi there is a company called ‘The Sinh Tourist’ – however, there are only a handful of ‘real’ shops.  There are many fake versions.

These two are the real offices in Hanoi.


Even our hotel was claiming to be one, we googled the address of the real shop and they had put a fake door number outside the property to mislead people. Fortunately, James clocked and we realised that actually, the real head office was just up the road from where we were staying.

Overall, staying in Hanoi was an enjoyable experience. The night life was great for us youngsters who wished to go out and enjoy the music and have a few drinks. The food was above average, I didn’t seem to have much luck with my meals but James enjoyed all of his thoroughly! Whilst we wouldn’t rush back, the city has a lot to offer and is definitely somewhere you will need to tick off your list.


Tip: when booking trips, I would advise to always book via The Sinh Tourist Office’s and look for the office on the contact us page. These are the legitimate offices in each city. If you are going into a shop, then always make sure that the email address and address match. DO NOT book with the centres that have a Gmail email address or if the centre is not listed on the above website as it is fake!!!

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