Ha Long Bay

We woke up in good timing (too early if you ask me) and left our not-so-lovely hostel to begin our journey to Ha Long Bay. We travelled there with a coach full of people, and luckily both managed to re-charge our batteries. 4 hours later and we had arrived, we went to the port, got our tickets and boarded the boat.


We had lunch as soon as we got on and despite requesting something other than seafood, I was presented with a table full of seafood – lovely! I resulted in eating plain rice and about 5 chunks of chicken. I was soon distracted from thinking about my hungry belly because the views were just incredible.

Whilst on the cruise we got to see various attractions. The first attraction was the floating village where we got to go on a bamboo boat and go around the rocks. This was incredibly interesting as we were able to see the formation of the rocks. This was once classed as one of the 7 wonders of the world and I can completely understand why.

We then moved onto the next attraction which was ‘The Kissing Rock’


These rocks have been facing each other for hundreds of thousand of years, and are actually a picture on the 200,000 VND currency note over here.

Finally, we went into the Thien Cung Cave, this was also amazing. Our tour guide was fantastic, explaining all the different ‘animal’ shapes inside the cave – although I’m still convinced she was making it up as she was going along, or maybe I just have no imagination whatsoever?!

And of course, the views at the top were simply breathtaking!

If you ever travel to Halong Bay then I would definitely recommend doing a Halong Cruise – even if you are on a budget like we were, do a 1-day cruise. I can guarantee that you wouldn’t regret it.

The best cruises can be found below:

Best Cruises In Ha Long Bay

At the end of the cruise, we picked up a taxi and was dropped off in Halong City. We freshened up and wandered around to find somewhere to eat.

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