Our Journey To Hue

We had various options to get to Hue. We could have gone back to Hanoi, then get a sleeper train or a bus from Ha Long City to Hue taking us about 16 hours, or the option we chose was to get a 5-hour coach journey to an area called Ninh Binh, and then get the sleeper train at 22:30.

This journey wasn’t too bad, the 5-hour bus journey flew by considering we weren’t even sat together and the person I was sat next to was half on my seat spread out soundo with her mouth wide open the whole journey. The bus journey ended up stopping at Tam Coc which is where we waited another 4 hours. We got some dinner, (pizzas) and just chilled in a bar until it was time to leave.

It was now time to make our way to Ninh Binh train station, we jumped in a taxi and 10minutes later we were there. We waited some more, and then our train arrived.

We were quite snobby as we did book 1st class which meant we had a cabin to share with 2 others and we had soft beds. This cost us around £26 each and we booked it via 12go.asia, one of the biggest online transport websites in Asia.

We both had mixed feelings about this, both dreading it but a little bit excited at the same time – unsure what to expect, it turned out to be a breeze! The toilets were something else though, I think it would have been more hygienic to pee my pants to be honest, but needs must. Our long 12-hour journey came to an end, we stepped off the bus and was instantly slapped round the face with humidity. We were then faced with a fog of taxi drivers in our faces.

We chose to walk to our hotel as it was only a 20-minute walk from the train station, but this was a bad decision. With our massive bags on our back and our small bags on our front, there was no room for our skin to breathe, meaning our arrival at the hotel was a sweaty one!