More Tales To Tell In Hue

We woke up ready to attempt our journey to the Pagoda again, had some breakfast and began our journey. Just the heat alone was a killer, let alone trying to ride a bike in it. We arrived at the Pagoda and slumped on a wall in the shade for about 15 minutes, everyone else that was there looked all glamorous and touristy, but us? No! Whose stupid idea was it to ride a bicycle in the hottest part of the day? Mine… (but James can happily take the blame).

Anyway, we cooled down and then started to look around, whilst it was a fantastic building, it definitely wasn’t worth the bike ride!

As we continued to look around, we went into a building where there was a Buddha, and bear in mind you are supposed to respect their culture, take your shoes off etc. I turned around to see James stood by the fan with his t-shirt pulled up! I instantly burst out laughing but then told him off and pulled his t-shirt down.

We were walking around and some Vietnamese students collared us asking if they can ‘interview’ us to practice their English for a project they are doing, so we did. We had finished wandering around and then decided because of how the sun was shining, the trees provided a little bit of shade on the side of the road we would be riding – survival techniques aye?

The hottest part of the day, both wearing our hats and stopping for multiple drink break, it seemed to never end. We were pouring our cold water inside our hats to keep our heads cool!

We made it home and I jumped in the ice-cold shower to cool myself down whilst James went to get us more drinks. He did the same when he got back. We laid on the bed and just laughed, anyone else surely would have learnt from the first incident that it was a ridiculous idea, but it created us with memories and something to laugh about forever.

After our days’ adventure, we had no energy to do much, we went out for some dinner, came back to the hotel and had an early night ready for our train journey the next day.