Mountains In Da Nang

We woke up and went down for breakfast which was incredibly disappointing. We then headed to the Marble Mountain which was fantastic, we walked around and took some wonderful photos.

There was even some abseiling going on there! We went into a little cave and had to do some rock climbing through the tiniest spaces, we had so much fun.

When we got to the top of the cave we could see all over Da Nang.

Polaroid CUBE

We started to walk back down to begin our journey back to the hotel and we came across 2 people singing, possibly for a music video or just for fun, we don’t know? But it was just so out of the blue, they soon had an audience of people recording. They could even be famous!

We were back at the hotel and waited for the hottest part of the day to pass and then we headed to the beach whilst we relaxed for a while. The sun went down and we were sticky, sun creamy and sandy so we walked back to our hotel. I discovered sand in places I didn’t even know was possible!

That evening, unfortunately, I was quite unwell so we didn’t make it out for dinner, not that I felt like eating. James resulted in ordering food online (basically JustEat, but their equivalent which was called Vietnammm). The next day I was feeling better but still too unwell and drained to leave the room, so again we didn’t do anything that day. Lucky enough there wasn’t much else to do in Da Nang anyway!

The day arrived when we had to leave Da Nang and begin our journey to Hoi An. This was only 30 minutes away via car so we organised a private car from our hotel.

Tip: We were buying big bottles of water which were still only costing us around 10,000VND (around 30p), but what we learnt was to buy a big drum of water and just refill the bottles rather than keep buying big bottles. We were getting through a drum of water a day, so it is more cost effective and helps to make sure you are keeping your fluids up.

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