Exploring Nha Trang

After both catching up on sleep, we got ourselves ready to explore Nha Trang. We walked for around 45 minutes to Po Nagar Cham Towers. These were temples built between the 7th and 12th centuries where people go to worship. This was great to see, and the views from the top were again fantastic.

We were walking around and heard music playing, after investigating we came across people singing and dancing.

The most random things happen in the strangest places, but that’s all part of travelling and we love that! After exploring the towers, we decided that we would visit the Alexandre Yersin Museum, where he was the discoverer of the bacillus responsible for the bubonic plague. We didn’t have high hopes for this but gave it a go anyway, and it turned out to be really interesting, so if you visit Nha Trang and are interested in History then definitely check this out.

There isn’t a huge amount to do in Nha Trang and most attractions are quite far out and hard to get to as there is no public transport. We headed back to a café and focused on the blog for a little while and then back to the hotel to recharge our batteries ready for our evening. After getting ready we headed out for some dinner and then went back to the hotel as we were both so tired.

The following day as there wasn’t a lot to do, we relaxed on the beach after haggling to get prices down for the sunbeds and got talking to a lovely Canadian couple. We were talking to them for ages, so long we didn’t realise the sun had moved round and was, in fact, cooking us. They seemed like great company and we arranged to meet them that evening for some drinks. Until then, we sat talking to them and then headed off for some lunch and back to our regular cafe to do some blogging.

We went for some Western dinner as we were craving familiar food, it was disappointing and didn’t taste ‘familiar’. Spaghetti Bolognese which didn’t taste like our parent’s versions (which we miss… ALOT). We met up with our new pals, played some pool and had some drinks. It was a great evening with great company.

The next day, again we didn’t get up too much but we did discover a shopping centre with an actual supermarket! Supermarkets are very rare in Vietnam so this was a pleasant surprise. We wandered around and discovered the most atrocious items of clothing.

We grabbed some food for lunch, sat on a bench and enjoyed our picnic whilst overlooking the sea. Later, we sat in another coffee shop and focused on blogging before going back to the hotel. That evening we went out for dinner and came across a restaurant where we could sit on the 1st floor and overlook the street. We ordered foot-long sandwiches which were delicious, and very cheap.

The restaurant was called Gecko, so if you love a foot-long then check it out. We headed back to the hotel, packed and got ready for our early morning the following day ready for the next destination.