Mui Ne Pit Stop

We decided that we would stop off in Mui Ne. The original plan was to spend 2/3 nights there, but when we tried to book, EVERYWHERE was sold out. There was literally nothing on any of the websites we use ( / Agoda etc). We searched for the 1 night in Mui Ne and luckily, we were able to find something. We went ahead with the 1 option we had and worked out that the lack of choices was due to it being Bank Holiday weekend.

We booked a bus journey via our hostel, costing us only £4 pp. This was a very, should I say, ‘cosy’ journey. Our friend that we met also came with us, and throughout the 5-hour journey she had a broken chair which the driver tried to fix with a plastic stall and a brick, I guess it was good of him to try and the thought was there.

After the gruelling bus journey, we arrived in Mui Ne. Back to humid weather we stepped off and jumped in a taxi to our hostel. Our cab driver drove the completely wrong way, even when we tried to tell him he insisted he knew where he was going (he didn’t have a clue). He continued to drive when we told him to stop as we could tell it was completely wrong due to google maps. We clambered out of the cab, got our bags and he just lingered with us like a bad smell waiting for money. We refused to pay because he just took us further away from where we wanted to go, but then he got his phone out and was probably calling the police. We told him if he takes us to the right place then we will pay him, so he did. We got there…eventually, walked to our hostel and the owner looked shocked to see us. He had no idea we were coming even though they had confirmed the booking. He couldn’t talk a word of English and smelt like he’d been drinking for days, so as you can imagine it was quite a struggle. After reluctantly allowing us to stay there, he took us round to our room and thank god it was decent!

After freshening up we went to get some lunch and then booked our forward journey – that wasn’t simple either. All the accommodation was double as expensive due to Bank holiday weekend. By the time we had booked everything and settled in, it was too late to actually do anything.

It’s fair to say Mui Ne didn’t treat us very well, but I guess not every day is going to be a breeze and go as planned. We would recommend that if anyone is travelling Vietnam, then Mui Ne is a good pit stop to break up the long journey to Saigon or Da Lat. We have also heard that the Sand Dunes are a great place to visit, but unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to visit them. We personally wouldn’t recommend visiting Mui Ne unless you wish to escape the cultural vibe and enjoy partying. If you do plan to visit, then we would recommend our hostel which was called Dinh Ngoc Guesthouse.

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