What Could ‘Koh Rong’ In Paradise?

We booked a speedboat ticket from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong (Long Set Beach) where we paid $20 pp for a return journey. The boat journey went smoothly, other than one of the engines breaking down a few times, but we eventually made it and that’s all that matters, right? 40 minutes later and we arrived in what looked like paradise – quite literally!

We felt like we were living life inside a postcard. We made it to our resort which was a glorified beach hut, but it was so much fun. It had so much character and I felt like I was ‘glamping’.

We had a mosquito net and thank goodness for that because the inside of our hut was a mosquito festival – they saw their prey and they were ready to feed on us, already. We dropped our bags and went straight to the beach, and if you know me (Sarah) then I usually would avoid the sea, but this was just something else – I felt like I was in a bath…until I kicked a fish then I was back to reality. We literally just chilled out all day on the beach occasionally changing the scenery for food (obviously).


The evening came around and we thought it was a great idea to walk 30 minutes along the beach & forest to the ‘village’. The village was very small, but our main aim was FOOD! We stopped for a delicious dinner & then suddenly it got incredibly windy and the clouds above us were horrendous. We rushed our meals and thought we should really hurry back to our hut before it was too late. We paid our bill, stopped in a shop to get a few soft drinks & began our speedy walk back. But it certainly was too late. A few spits of rain and then it hammered it down, we ran so fast and found a hut where there was what looked like shelter, but it was a see-through roof. We were attempting to shelter ourselves outside a man’s’ shop/home and he saw us and invited us in. That was where we spent our next hour or so, surrounded by home essentials & sat on a tiny stool, but what a kind man for letting us shelter ourselves. We couldn’t believe that we got caught in storms AGAIN – when would we ever learn?

The man in the shop brought out a selection of different rain macs which we reluctantly paid out for. We took a fast walk back and eventually made it back to the bug hut where we were greeted by mosquitos, lizards & sand flies- but yet we have never been so relieved. Our adventure out was laughable, although not at the time.

The following day we pretty much repeated the previous day’s routine, up for breakfast, go to the beach and only changing the scenery for food breaks. That evening we got talking to a lovely couple from Southampton. They were very similar to us where we both have the same sense of humour often finding ourselves quoting ‘The Inbetweeners’. We played a game of pool – embarrassingly they beat us and I’m still unsure how because Sam was shockingly awful (sorry Sam – we love you really. Although admittedly I wasn’t much better). We sat talking to them for the rest of the evening whilst our ankles were being hacked by mosquitos and agreed that we would meet them for breakfast the next day and challenge them again to a game of pool (we were determined to win).

We woke up and went for breakfast where we played our second game of pool which we won! We obviously had to play another round to decide the overall winners – that would be us by the way, we were the proud winners! Sam and Jess moved accommodation further along the beach, so we joined them and this was our first experience of life in a dorm. We arrived at the hostel called ‘The Nest’ and it was so chilled out. We got an ice cold soft drink and laid in the hammock until our room was ready.


Overlooking the beach enjoying our views just chilling with great company – we were loving life. We were taken around to our dorm and it wasn’t bad considering. We put our bags in our lockers and then all 4 of us wandered to the village and got some lunch. After spending a little while at the village we began to walk back, and as usual, it began to rain. We were really quite wet so we thought we may as well just get wetter and go in the sea. The sea was so warm and the rainwater was cold – but it felt strangely refreshing. The photos we stole from Sam because he had a GoPro.

(Photo’s coming soon)

We all had a shower (not together that’s just weird), although I can’t say that it was an enjoyable shower because there was no hot water, but as long as there was no seaweed on us we were happy. We chilled out at the bar area in the hostel and got some dinner whilst we played a game of cards. We all got on so well and it was crazy how lucky we were to have met people so very similar to us where we all enjoyed each other’s company.

We all started to lag and decided we would go and get some sleep ready for our next day of kayaking! The following day we got up nice and early and went down to the beach to rent some kayaks. We paid $6 per kayak for half a day. It seemed like a great idea at the time and it certainly was a laugh. The waves weren’t choppy but the wind current was fairly strong so it required a lot of muscle and energy (which I didn’t have much of). We kayaked to a small island which was actually where people lived, but they welcomed us and let us go and see the small buddha statues and the wonderful views from the top.

(Photo’s coming soon)

Again, we stole the photos from Sam because he was the chief photographer for the day (it was actually because of his GoPro). We struggled to paddle our way back to shore, but eventually made it and it was a huge relief. We were both due to take a boat back to Sihanoukville in the afternoon, but as we both booked a return journey we both had different boat companies. Their journey was at 3 pm, and ours should have been 3:30 pm. Jess & Sam agreed they would wait for us at a particular bar as we should only arrive a little while after them – just if things went to plan in Asia.

As we waited around it got to 4:00 pm and still no sign of our boat, by which we were told by a staff member it will be here at 4:30 pm. 4:30 pm came around and STILL no boat. It wasn’t until 5 pm that a boat arrived – although it wasn’t our boat, we were told to jump on it. 15 minutes into the journey we then realised that we in fact were not heading to the correct port (there are 2 ports in this particular area of Sihanoukville) – as we watched other people start to clock on as well, an angry Australian man enquired by which he was told that we will be greeted by a shuttle bus which will take us to the correct port and that we couldn’t get the boat there because the waves are too choppy. The man was talking rubbish, there were no waves that side of the water whatsoever and it was just easier and quicker for them.

We got off the boat and got on our shuttle which felt like more like safari adventure about to begin.

20 minutes later and we had arrived at the correct location. The time was 6:30 pm and we walked to the bar we agreed to meet. Sam & Jess were still waiting – top friends right there. So, our boat was 1.5 hours late, the wrong company picked us up and dropped us at the wrong port – so we weren’t overly happy at this point. We were starving as I’m sure you can imagine. We instantly went to our hotel, dropped the bags, freshened up and went for some dinner.

We went to a lovely restaurant near the beach with Sam & Jess. We all seemed pretty tired from the kayaking that day so we didn’t make it a late one. We went back to our hotel and got a good night sleep. If you are travelling to Sihanoukville then check out the Zana Beach Guesthouse. It was lovely and very comfortable costing us £12 per night for 2 of us.

The next day we were both due to leave, we were getting a sleeper bus from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap. That day we didn’t do a lot, we chilled around and enjoyed our final few hours with Sam & Jess before they were off to Bangkok. We went and got some breakfast on the beachfront and then played some more pool. We played pool in a strip club which was strange but it seemed to be the only place open with a pool table.

We waited around, killing some time by playing another game of cards and when it was time, we said our goodbyes. Our sleeper bus picked us up from the hotel at about 7:00 pm and we were off to Siem Reap feeling lonely.


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