We’re Coming For You, Bangkok


We got to the airport in good timing (way too early – but better to be safe than sorry). We couldn’t check in/drop our bags off until 2:40 pm, we got to the airport at 1 pm. We patiently waited and people-watched until the check-in desk was open. We went through all our checks and waited until we were ready to board. We boarded our plane and were ready to go.

We arrived in Bangkok after a short 1-hour journey. We waited at passport control for ages because some people don’t know how to queue and also because the staff were taking their time having what looked like a mothers meeting – they were so slow!

We made it through and picked up our bags. We asked at the information desk the cheapest way to get to our hostel. We jumped on a bus which cost us 50THB pp (just over £1) and was dropped off just up the road to our hostel. We didn’t arrive until about 6:30 pm, so we dumped our bags, took a shower and went out for some dinner.

We noticed it was a lot pricier compared to Vietnam/Cambodia but that was because we were down a busy road. We wandered around and found a street food restaurant where we got some dinner. It wasn’t too badly priced, we both had rice dishes.

We looked at the price of beers and that was when we experienced our first-ever heart attack. “£2 for a beer. WHAT?! Do they think we are made of money?!” We must of looked absolutely devastated (well we felt it anyway). It’s funny because back home in England you’d be lucky to even get a beer for £3.00! It is fair to say we had become major cheap-skates. We finished our meals and went to investigate the big fuss of Khao San Road. This place was basically a glorified Magaluf strip. We were drawn in by a worker ramming his board of happy hour deals in our face. We got a bucket of spirit and mixer for around £4.50 and took in the antics of Khao San Road. It was an experience although not necessarily something we would want to experience again.

The following day we woke up with slight headaches although smiling at the fun events from the night before. Our first night in Bangkok was great and we already fell in love with the place. We got ourselves up and decided that a GoPro would be useful for our trip and then we wouldn’t have to rely on other people for photos. We got a taxi to the nearest shopping centre which would have been paradise for any shop-addict. This shopping centre had 6 floors, and trying to find a shop that sold a GoPro was at first a struggle. We eventually came across many camera shops, but the GoPro’s were very expensive (even for an older model!). We continued to look around and walked past a book shop where there was a stand advertising ‘action cameras’. We took a note of the name and went off to research.

After a lot of debating and researching, we decided to just get it because it only worked out to be £35 each and it would come in handy (we hoped). We walked out of the shopping centre after about 3 hours of searching and £80 down, but we had done it! Was it a good idea? We were yet to find out.

We went out for some dinner whilst we tested our new camera out, and LOVED it! It was the best buy of the trip so far and would be so useful for many activities. The worker from the restaurant even seemed to love it!


We didn’t make it a late one because we were tired from all of walking and night before. We stayed in Bangkok for only 2 nights because we knew we would be coming back in a few months’ time, therefore that is why we didn’t do a lot. The next day we were due to catch a bus at 7:00pm to take us to Chiang Mai. We booked the bus ticket through an agency which costed us about £12 each. We didn’t do a lot during the day other than take a walk around the town and have an early dinner whilst we waited. The hotel we stayed at was called Green House. If noise at night does not bother you and you love to party then we would definitely recommend. Otherwise, if you are the complete opposite then avoid this hotel!

The evening soon crept up on us and we were ready to get the bus. When the bus arrived, we were saying how comfortable it looked and that we would “sleep like babies”. You know when people say never judge a book by its cover? We now completely understand why. It wasn’t comfortable at all. The seats didn’t rotate back enough & there was a metal bar by our feet. But there was a toilet, and that’s very important. Although, a part of me wishes there wasn’t one. I went to the toilet to get changed, went to get out and the lock was not going to budge. I couldn’t believe I got stuck in a toilet… on a bus! I started to bang and shout and no-one heard me. Eventually, James realised and came to save me. The lock got stuck on my side but luckily James managed to open it the other side, my hero! If there is something I have learnt this trip so far it is not to lock toilets on public transport in Asia. 12 hours later and we had arrived in Chiang Mai, finally.

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