First Few Days In Chiang Mai

We arrived in Chiang Mai early hours of the morning not-so-ready to explore just yet. First thing first was to catch up on sleep! We arrived at our peaceful guesthouse and was taken to our room. The room was spacious, however, resembled an oven (it was so hot as we stupidly only paid for a fan room). A few hours passed and we woke up and went to check out the pool.
Having a pool is such a luxury especially when our room felt like a sauna – it felt like a spa day, all we needed now was a massage. We didn’t do a lot on our first couple of days being here because we were really starting to lag from lack of sleep. We had booked for 4 nights but fully expected to extend our stay because we want to take full advantage of the free 30-day visa – this also gives us more time to check out attractions without cramming it all in throughout the space of 4 days.

We went out for an early dinner and visited the Sunday night market. This was a great experience hosting such a happy, positive atmosphere.

We didn’t want a late night because we knew the next day we would be up early ready to become ‘flying squirrels’ (keep reading and you’ll know what I mean by this). If you know us personally you’ll know that one of the things we were most excited for on our whole trip to Asia was zip-lining. We were spoilt for choice as to where to do it, but having done research we decided we would do it here in Chiang Mai. We went with a company called ‘Flying Squirrels’ which was originally around £61.00pp, however, we managed to work our magic and grab a discounted rate of £41.00pp. This was considerably cheap compared to their competitors.

The course had a range of activities (mostly ziplining) including riding a bike in the trees, skateboarding & abseiling. We were so excited and even more excited that we could test out our new baby (the camera). We were picked up at 8:30 am and made our way up into the mountains ready to become flying squirrels, something we have always dreamed of! We were all suited and booted and ready to go. It was a great look, although not the most comfortable gear.

We uncomfortably shuffled outside and was greeted by the most incredible views

Looking around we slowly realised that we were the only Westerners, we were surrounded by Chinese. We stood out like sore thumbs and everyone was talking in their own language including the staff, we just hoped that they would be able to talk English to be able to instruct us in the only language we understood. Thankfully they did, however only to a minimum. Despite only having each other to talk to (no-one else spoke English) we had the most incredible day full of laughter and fantastic views- it was surreal and becoming a flying squirrel definitely lived up to our expectations. Our camera was excellent and we got some amazing footage which is going to be made into a video which will be posted on our blog within the next few days – so keep an eye out. But for now, here are a couple of photos of our experience

The following day we pretty much just lived in the swimming pool enjoying the sunny weather aching from being slammed into multiple trees from the day before, now we definitely needed a massage. That evening we went to check out the Night Bazaar. It was great, although not necessarily cheap considering it was street food which was disappointing. We witnessed the weirdest performance we have ever seen. (Sorry about the video- we couldn’t rotate it)

We were actually left speechless and just looked each other as if to say, ‘is this real or am I dreaming?’ We were stood there observing the peculiar performance and then began to hear the dreaded noise of thunder. The sudden panic of realising we were a good 25-minute walk away and no rain macs. Uh oh, please not again. We made a quick exit and walked very fast back to the hotel – fortunately we missed the rain for once! We bought some munchies on our way back and watched a film in our room.




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