Boring Bus Journey To Chiang Rai

We left Chiang Mai ready to go to Chiang Rai. We bought our tickets and went to the bus station ready to catch our 11:00am ride. It wasn’t an overly exciting ride, just your average bus journey. We got dropped off and first impressions we weren’t overly won over. It was very quiet and there wasn’t a lot going on. Luckily, we were only there for 2 nights and only staying there as a stop off. On the first full day, we thought that we would go and see the White Temple, and we are very happy that we did. *attach photos*. Tip: We got the local bus there for about 45p each. We would advise doing this rather than paying a tuk tuk for about £10. This saved us a lot of money and was a better experience travelling with the locals.


We arrived at the White Temple and it truly was a beautiful building with so much detail.

We walked around for a while and then stopped off for a delicious smoothie before catching the local bus back to the main town of Chiang Rai. That afternoon we chilled out in a cafe whilst we were supposed to be working on the blog again. I say ‘supposed’ because I didn’t get much done due to the puppy eyes from below my feet. Another adorable dog I wanted to take home. We got talking to another couple from Switzerland where we found ourselves giving them advice and tips. We were like a tourist information centre. The evening quickly came around and we were craving Italian, I literally would have traded a limb for one of my mums’ spag bowl dishes. Instead we settled for an Italian Restaurant although it wasn’t anywhere near as nice as how I imagined.

We went for a wander around the market and bumped into the Switzerland couple where we walked around with them and then went to play a game of pool. There was quite a strong language barrier at times, but yet we all still managed to have a laugh. That’s one of the beauties of travelling, no matter the difficult language barrier sometimes, you still manage to enjoy others company. They went to go and get some dinner so we left them to it and we went back to the hotel.

The following day we were due to get a bus to Laos so we had an early night ready for our full day of travel. Tip: make sure you do sufficient research because we actually had to stay in Chiang Rai an extra night because the bus didn’t run every day. This was just a boring day of chilling around doing nothing but eating until the following day when we could travel to Laos.