Delays In Vientiane

The next day we were picked up by a minivan to go to Vientiane. The journey cost us £3.50 pp. As the minivan pulled up we were both confused and laughed as if to say, ‘Imagine if they put our bags on the roof’, then the driver climbed onto the ladders and asked for us to pass our bags. They actually were on the roof (thankfully strapped in). As we were the final pick-up we were stuck at the back of the van and it was so bumpy you could quite literally feel every twig and stone we’d drive over, I’m still convinced we should have been provided with helmets, to be honest.


We made it to Vientiane alive… and in one piece. We made some more friends on the bus who were lovely and they didn’t have any accommodation booked so they joined us at our hostel. We spent the day with them and went to do some sightseeing.

We went to Pha That Luang, a golden temple which sits at the heart of northern Vientiane,

The Patuxai, which seemed to be a representation of the ‘Arc De Triomphe’ from Paris,

And an unnamed temple near the Pha That Luang.

It was an enjoyable day in which we were able to enrich ourselves within the Laos culture. We went back to our rooms to freshen up and then went for some dinner with them. The plan was to get some street food, but nothing really tickled our fancy. We went to a restaurant instead which seemed to be where the locals would go. There was a live singer, and the meals were still reasonable price paying a small amount of about £4 for 2 of us.

We wandered around town and then decided to head back for the evening. We sat around and just stayed up talking until we all looked like we were about to fall asleep, that’s when we realised we should call it a night.

Our final day in Laos we were hanging around. We booked a flight to get back to Bangkok because we really didn’t fancy sitting on a 20-hour bus journey when a flight would take less than an hour. It was a little more expensive by about £20pp. We hadn’t flown much and were doing well on our budget so decided that we would treat ourselves and travel via plane. The only problem was the flight was 21:30 so we had to wait around all day.

It wasn’t too bad though because we did some blogging and went to the Lao National Museum. It cost about £1 pp entry and I can understand why. We wouldn’t recommend visiting because it was pretty boring, the museum mostly consisted of photos with descriptions in their own language and whilst we can just about say hello in Lao, we certainly can’t speak it fluently. We were in & out within about 20 minutes but at least we did something with our day.

We attempted to join our friends to the museum but the plans fell through so we ended up meeting them afterwards before saying our goodbyes. It was sad saying goodbye yet again, but unfortunately, that’s all part of travelling. We jumped into our tuk-tuk and was on our way to the airport.

Vientiane airport is tiny, we had quickly checked in, gone through security and was waiting around. James went to check our flight and was walking towards me with an un-amused look on his face – uh oh. We were delayed by 2.5 hours.


We were so annoyed considering we had paid extra money to travel by air hoping to get there sooner but after waiting around all day, waiting at the airport and then getting delayed we would have been better off just getting a 20-hour bus. What made us laugh was within the flight cost we got a meal included. They made an announcement to inform us we were delayed and that they would give us a complimentary meal and drink. James went off to claim our ‘meal’ and this is what we got


A custard roll the size of half my palm & a drink. At least they tried I suppose and it’s the thought that counts. 2.5 hours waiting and watching a lot of Orange is the New Black it was finally time to board. We flew with Thai Airways and it was really comfortable, it certainly put Easyjet to shame. It was a big plane with TV’s, cushions & food and for less than an hour journey, I didn’t feel as though I had enough time to get my money’s worth of the facilities. We were on our way to Bangkok, and it was quite a relief to be leaving Laos.