The Airport Surprise!

The next day we were due to move accommodation. We had booked ourselves into a hotel nearer the airport. For those that don’t know my parents came over to see us in Thailand so we were going to surprise them at the airport. Their flight was due to land at 5:45 am local time, so we had woken up at 4:50 am and on our way to the airport by 5:30 am. They thought that we were going to meet them at the hotel.


Walking around the airport looking like we were extras from the Walking Dead, we were ready to meet & greet. I held up my sign which had their names on there and we waited…and waited…and waited a bit more. They finally walked through at 6:30 am and were chuffed to see us.

We greeted them and then made our way to our hotel in Bangkok, Silom area. Catching up with gossip and sitting in a taxi for about 1.5 hours we walked into a fantastic hotel. It made us realise how much we had actually been slumming it, this hotel was pure luxury.

We arrived at the hotel at around 9 am and straight away took mum and dad to experience a 7/11 toastie. It exceeded their expectations. We walked around for a little while whilst we waited to check in, and headed back to the hotel at about 10:30 and our rooms were still not ready. 2 pm came around and we were eventually shown to our rooms. They were massive, it almost felt like we had an apartment.


We freshened up and had a nap and then went out for some early dinner and some welcome drinks. We went into a proper restaurant which we haven’t been to in a very long time – it felt like being back home. We didn’t make it a late one because my parents jet lag was kicking in and we were both pretty tired ourselves from the early start.

The following day we took the sky train and local boat to the Grand Palace.


We didn’t manage to go in because it was pretty expensive and we weren’t overly bothered. We walked round to the Sleeping Buddha which was amazing and huge

The entry fee was only 100 Baht per person. It was definitely worth seeing so we’d recommend checking it out. It was a massive complex of Buddhist temples and we spent about an hour in there just walking around and attempting to cool off by throwing water over each other – we practically had a water fight at a temple, classy English people we are.

We walked back round to the overly crowded boat pier and was ushered on a ferry back to our area of Silom. Tip: When getting on the ferry be very careful because there are many people selling ‘private tour boat’ which is still only 100 Baht pp, but if you want to get the local ferry you can pick that up for 15 baht pp. This is a big difference, and the local ferry is far more cultural. So look out for the local ferry (no one will approach you trying to sell it to you and a lady is sitting in a little booth).

We were back at the hotel and just had to cool down in the rooftop pool. Once the sun had gone in we decided to grab some night time photos of the Bangkok sky line.

We then had some civilised drinks in our room before heading onto the streets of Silom. Before going out we searched the internet for the best food in our area and it came up with a locals restaurant called Hai-Som Tam Convent. The food was delicious and really cheap costing us just 90thb a dish (just over £2). After indulging in a lovely Pad Thai we ventured out and discovered a little bar street with fantastic drink deals. We had a few (too many) drinks (obviously, it would be rude not to) and then went back to have some sleep.

The next day we indulged in a MASSIVE breakfast which was included within the price of the hotel and I must say it made a nice change to toast and jam.


After looking like a group of pregnant pigs we left and began our day. We got a taxi to China Town and to be honest, it was a bit disappointing. It was pretty dirty and didn’t give off the same kind of atmosphere like China town in London. But still, we made the most of it and explored the area discovering, guess what? Another Buddhist temple. We didn’t spend too long at China Town, about 1.5 hours and that was more than enough time.

After that, we got another taxi and went to Lumphini Park. This was a huge park and we got to see a little bit of wildlife too, we saw massive lizards that looked like baby crocodiles and also saw some turtles. We decided we would go on a pedalo boat which was fun, although I’m not convinced dad & James found it fun when they got off drenched in sweat looking like they had just run a marathon.

After our adventure around the park, we decided to head back and go for a swim before heading out that evening. We had a couple of drinks before leaving the room on a search for dinner. We came across a street food stall where we all grabbed a rice meal for about £1.10 pp. This was another meal so full of flavour – it amazes me how delicious they can make a rice dish and yet make it look so effortless to make. After another amazing dinner, we went wandering around the town and discovered a ‘ping pong’ strip along with a market. It was disturbing, to say the least, and we definitely did not go in and watch. Instead, we wandered around and stopped off at a street food stall for some drinks before heading back.

Our time in Bangkok was enjoyable but we were ready for a beach location. We were moving onto Phuket with my parents. We stayed at Furama Silom Hotel and it was a beautiful room with a fantastic pool. If you are looking at staying in the Silom area then definitely check it out. We were really going to miss it there but was looking forward to luxury hotel number 2.