The Never-Ending Journey To Koh Samui

We were being picked up at 7:15 am and it just so happened that all 4 of us were on the same minibus going to Krabi. The journey was so bumpy it was ridiculous. We got to Krabi at 10:00 am and we were told that we will be picked up at 11 am, at 10:45 am we said goodbye to the others whilst we waited until 11:30 am. We jumped on another minibus and was taken to the bus station where we had to wait for another 30 minutes and were told to get on another minibus to go Surat Thani. The minibus was so crammed it was like playing human Tetris. We got dropped off at some random restaurant and waited another 15 minutes and then a coach turned up. We jumped on the coach and was taken to the pier at Don Sang where we would get our ferry to Koh Samui. We arrived at the pier and guess what? More waiting… Eventually, we got the ferry. 3 hours later and we arrived at Koh Samui, but we still had another minibus to get us to the hostel.

We arrived at 7:30 pm and it felt like one of the longest journeys ever, but we were there, finally. We were welcomed by the owner and he showed us to our room. It was lovely…until we saw a cockroach on the bed, followed by another one running across the floor. In the space of about 15 minutes, we discovered 3 cockroaches in our room. After such a long day of travelling, all we wanted was a comfortable room and we didn’t even get that. We were so paranoid so we went to the owner and he gave us some cockroach spray because unfortunately there weren’t any other rooms available for us to move. We practically sprayed the whole room, every crack that opened to the outside we could find we would be at it viciously.

We killed them all off and went to get some dinner. We discovered a street food restaurant and the food was delicious. After we had eaten we headed to get some drinks for the evening because we knew we would have to be slightly intoxicated before attempting to get any sleep in the cockroach infested room. We stayed up for a short while whilst we became cockroach-spotters and then went to bed when we were all clear.

The next day we walked down to the beach and it wasn’t the nicest of beaches, it felt like being in Spain. We went to go and see the grandfather and grandmother rocks and to be completely honest it just looked like 2 rude figures.

But the views were beautiful so it was well worth going to see. We later headed to the Lamai viewpoint and to see the Valentines Rock. Valentines Rock is supposed to bring good luck and give you eternal love (James touched it so must mean something!). We walked up the short hill to reach the viewpoint and again, another beautiful view. It was a shame that we chose to go on the day it was raining so there wasn’t a sunset, but it was still worth the visit for just 50THB pp. We rewarded ourselves with a cocktail which went down a treat after our small trek. We sat up there for a short while whilst reflecting on our travels so far.

We went for some dinner and went to the same place we went to the night before and again had a lovely meal. We don’t actually know the name of the restaurant so I can’t recommend it. We then went out for some drinks and played some pool before calling it a night. We had only booked 2 nights at Green Canyon Hip & Cheap Resort but decided that we would stay a night the other side of the island in Chaweng area. We stayed at a Little Austria – Tam’s Guesthouse. It wasn’t the nicest of accommodation but we were only going to be there for 1 night so it didn’t matter.

That evening we explored the area and the nightlife looked pretty good, so we decided to head back there that evening. We weren’t aware that the day we stayed here it was Buddhist Day and this meant that alcohol couldn’t be sold anywhere. We couldn’t buy it in a shop and technically the restaurants/bars weren’t allowed to sell it. But obviously, in Asia, they don’t really follow rules and there we were, sat in a bar drinking beer from a tea mug being told: “pretend it’s like tea”.

Make sure you check for Buddhist holidays.

We came across a street food court where we got some dinner, this was located near the Mui Tai fight arena. We’re glad we got to see both sides of Koh Samui but personally for us we weren’t too sure if we enjoyed it.

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