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Koh Phangan Full Moon Party!

We got the ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan and it took us only about an hour or so, but we were horrifically delayed and the queues were huge (larger than Christmas Eve queues in Tesco).

It was quite a joke but we made it to the island eventually. We jumped in a taxi shuttle which was 100THB pp and the shuttle pretty much runs all around the island for 100THB pp, so make sure you don’t get done by the locals trying to sell private taxis for a higher price.

We got talking to a couple on the ferry and swapped numbers and arrange to meet at the Full Moon Party the next day. We just arrived at our accommodation and it was quite literally on the beach.

It was such a lovely place and everything about it was perfect. We stayed at Zen Zi Beach Rooms and we would recommend it thoroughly. It was about a 15-minute taxi ride away from the party so it wasn’t too close, nor too far.

Just as we arrived I dropped my phone on the tiles and broke my phone. We were so gutted because we felt like recently nothing seemed to be going right for us. R.I.P phone. I just assumed I would put up with using my iPad and James’ phone for the next month until we go home. We went to go out for dinner, I was given the menu and James went to the toilet, he came out raging with anger. He handed me his phone…he only went and broke his phone too. We couldn’t believe we had broken 2 phones in one day, it was such a bad day and not too much surprise we weren’t in the best of moods after that. We went back to the room and just ate junk food feeling sorry for ourselves. We spoke to both our parents and as usual, they managed to cheer us up. As they pointed out, it’s not a massive issue and at least our health has been okay as that’s the most important thing

The next day we woke up hoping and praying that it was going to be a better day. We chilled on the beach for the morning and went out to get ourselves some new phones and some Full Moon clothes. £150 down but we had 2, not-so-great phones. We headed back and had a long afternoon nap so that we were ready to party that evening. We had conversations with James’ family about us meeting them in Florida, we looked at flights for ages and ended up booking them. We booked flights from Kuala Lumpur to Florida, then coming back to Kuala Lumpur to continue our travels. We were so excited and the Full Moon Party almost felt like a celebration!

We got ready, face painting done, had some drinks and we were off to meet our new friends at a bar.


We met them at a pool bar and it was a perfect place for pre-drinks, great music, good happy hour on drinks & even a pool table. There was a group of about 8 of us and we all got on so well, it was great. We went to the Full Moon and were so ready to explore. In case anyone reading this doesn’t know what it actually is, it’s a massive party on the beach with over 20000 people which happens once a month when there’s a full moon. We ended up with a massive group, just drinking and having a laugh whilst taking in the crazy vibe. It was mad and there are no words to even describe the experience, it was fantastic with the yet again great company. It got to 4:00 am and we were super tired and we were both ready to go back, so off we went. James sat on the beach to see the sunset (although sadly there was no sunset) and I went to bed. A great night, and a lot of memories we will always remember.

The following day we slept in until 12 pm and pretty much just spent the day recovering. But of course, that didn’t go to plan. My credit account was subject to fraud and over £400 was taken from my account. I was on the phone to my bank and had to get my card cancelled. When will we ever have things go right? Annoyed yet again, but we just had to get on with it -I guess the rest of the trip is on James! (Only joking!)

The rest of the day we tried to chill out and next thing we know its dinner time, we went to 7/11 and got some dinner from there – not the healthiest of days you could say.

We were sad to leave Koh Phangan but it is made for people who love to party and after the Full Moon we were done with partying and drinking for a long time.


The Never-Ending Journey To Koh Samui

We were being picked up at 7:15 am and it just so happened that all 4 of us were on the same minibus going to Krabi. The journey was so bumpy it was ridiculous. We got to Krabi at 10:00 am and we were told that we will be picked up at 11 am, at 10:45 am we said goodbye to the others whilst we waited until 11:30 am. We jumped on another minibus and was taken to the bus station where we had to wait for another 30 minutes and were told to get on another minibus to go Surat Thani. The minibus was so crammed it was like playing human Tetris. We got dropped off at some random restaurant and waited another 15 minutes and then a coach turned up. We jumped on the coach and was taken to the pier at Don Sang where we would get our ferry to Koh Samui. We arrived at the pier and guess what? More waiting… Eventually, we got the ferry. 3 hours later and we arrived at Koh Samui, but we still had another minibus to get us to the hostel.

We arrived at 7:30 pm and it felt like one of the longest journeys ever, but we were there, finally. We were welcomed by the owner and he showed us to our room. It was lovely…until we saw a cockroach on the bed, followed by another one running across the floor. In the space of about 15 minutes, we discovered 3 cockroaches in our room. After such a long day of travelling, all we wanted was a comfortable room and we didn’t even get that. We were so paranoid so we went to the owner and he gave us some cockroach spray because unfortunately there weren’t any other rooms available for us to move. We practically sprayed the whole room, every crack that opened to the outside we could find we would be at it viciously.

We killed them all off and went to get some dinner. We discovered a street food restaurant and the food was delicious. After we had eaten we headed to get some drinks for the evening because we knew we would have to be slightly intoxicated before attempting to get any sleep in the cockroach infested room. We stayed up for a short while whilst we became cockroach-spotters and then went to bed when we were all clear.

The next day we walked down to the beach and it wasn’t the nicest of beaches, it felt like being in Spain. We went to go and see the grandfather and grandmother rocks and to be completely honest it just looked like 2 rude figures.

But the views were beautiful so it was well worth going to see. We later headed to the Lamai viewpoint and to see the Valentines Rock. Valentines Rock is supposed to bring good luck and give you eternal love (James touched it so must mean something!). We walked up the short hill to reach the viewpoint and again, another beautiful view. It was a shame that we chose to go on the day it was raining so there wasn’t a sunset, but it was still worth the visit for just 50THB pp. We rewarded ourselves with a cocktail which went down a treat after our small trek. We sat up there for a short while whilst reflecting on our travels so far.

We went for some dinner and went to the same place we went to the night before and again had a lovely meal. We don’t actually know the name of the restaurant so I can’t recommend it. We then went out for some drinks and played some pool before calling it a night. We had only booked 2 nights at Green Canyon Hip & Cheap Resort but decided that we would stay a night the other side of the island in Chaweng area. We stayed at a Little Austria – Tam’s Guesthouse. It wasn’t the nicest of accommodation but we were only going to be there for 1 night so it didn’t matter.

That evening we explored the area and the nightlife looked pretty good, so we decided to head back there that evening. We weren’t aware that the day we stayed here it was Buddhist Day and this meant that alcohol couldn’t be sold anywhere. We couldn’t buy it in a shop and technically the restaurants/bars weren’t allowed to sell it. But obviously, in Asia, they don’t really follow rules and there we were, sat in a bar drinking beer from a tea mug being told: “pretend it’s like tea”.

Make sure you check for Buddhist holidays.

We came across a street food court where we got some dinner, this was located near the Mui Tai fight arena. We’re glad we got to see both sides of Koh Samui but personally for us we weren’t too sure if we enjoyed it.

Koh Lanta With The Gang

We got on our ferry and instantly knew something wasn’t quite right. As we walked on one of the Thai workers said to me “I like what I see and I know I’d like what I can’t see”, I awkwardly laughed and continued to walk very fast to find our seats. We sat down and from that point, we didn’t get much peace. Every different worker trying to sell us a taxi service or accommodation. They reminded me of pirates and we did fear that we would be taken as hostages.

We got through the journey without being lured in by their ‘special offers’ and jumped in a tuk-tuk. 4 of us with 4 big bags it was a tight squeeze but it was amusing

We got to our accommodation and it was lovely, it was so spacious and so much nicer than our previous room. We went straight to the pool and had a lovely afternoon before going for some dinner just up the road.

The next day we hired a car with the others and it was one of the highlights of travelling so far. We rented a Suzuki Swift and ended up with a Honda Brio.

It was hilarious, and it’s fair to say that a Honda is not made to go down dirt tracks and up steep hills. We went all around the island (multiple times) where we went to see many viewpoints – it was the best way to sightsee. We ended up on quite a few beaches and to be honest, I don’t even know what beaches we went to but they were pretty. We drove to Bamboo Bay, and at the time I was driving down to the beach and suddenly there was a herd of cows and a bull. The bull was tied up but James insisted that we go somewhere else. It was hilarious but such a bizarre experience. I’ve heard of the beach in the Bahamas where there are pigs and also heard of monkey beaches, but never a cow & bull beach.

We then visited the old town which was a strange experience, feeling like we were starred in a cowboy film. Everything had a ‘Western’ feel, but we enjoyed it. We discovered a shop that sold unique jewellery where they would write a name on a small grain of rice and then put the rice in a glass cylinder to be worn as a bracelet/necklace.

We continued our adventure in our not-so-smooth ride and made our way to the Lanta Animal Welfare centre where we got to see all the animals, and as sad as it is to see them all, you can only think about how much happier they are there compared to being stray and all alone. We saw some horrible cases where the dogs had scarring down their faces because the locals attacked them with a machete. So please go and visit the animal sanctuary and donate some money (or adopt) because it is such a good cause.

We began to drive back to the hostel and Lauren was driving. We were enjoying a nice leisurely drive until suddenly we braked so hard. Next thing we see is a monkey running off. We are still convinced that she did actually hit it, but it was okay because we saw him running off. Only could Lauren nearly kill a monkey! Ollie had the privilege of being in the passenger seat the whole day because he doesn’t drive, whereas James, Lauren and myself all took turns in driving. Ollie was the one to judge everyone’s driving whilst also having the duty of pointing out pot holes and monkeys.

So, there we have it, we drove round an island in a Honda, ended up on a beach full of cows & bulls and Lauren very nearly killed a monkey, but we had a fantastic day.

That evening we decided that we would have our own 4-man beach party, so we grabbed drinks from 7/11 and headed to the beach. We discovered a shut-down resort so we sat on their canopy, drunk beer & watched the stars. It was such a chilled evening and it was a lot better than going out for drinks. It was so worth doing.

The next day we decided we would just hang around at the pool and enjoy our time with the others before we were due to leave them the following day. We wandered up the road and booked our boat tickets to Koh Samui and the others booked their trip to Phuket. We enjoyed our final day together and then went for dinner to a beach restaurant. I and James shared ribs and I must say it went down a treat.

It was a relaxing evening but we were all so tired so we called it a night before our long day of travelling the next day. We weren’t looking forward to leaving our room, it was so comfortable. It was called The Klong Nin Beach Resort. We would definitely recommend staying there if you plan on visiting Koh Lanta!

Reunited At Last On Phi Phi Island


We arrived in Phi Phi, absolutely hammering it down with rain, of course. We grabbed our bags and slid off the boat looking like drowned rats. We walked through the maze of the Phi Phi streets and found our hotel. Our first impressions we weren’t overly impressed, it was definitely not what we expected giving off an incredibly strong ‘Magaluf vibe’ where it seemed the population of young travellers would flock there to drink buckets and walk the streets.


We got to our hotel so very relieved that we could finally lay down. We quickly met up with Ollie & Lauren and had a good catch up – the guys were reunited at last (you could tell they were relieved). We had a nap, got ready and went to dinner. They took us to a local restaurant where I had a lovely pasta dish and James demolished a calzone. We had a low-key evening because they were hungover and we still didn’t feel right.

We booked a trip for the following day which was a half day tour to Maya Bay, Monkey Beach and snorkelling. This cost us just 300THB pp (£7). But if you wanted to get off the boat at Maya Bay then you had to pay the National Park fee of 400THB. This seemed like a bit of a joke that the fee was more expensive than the tour itself but hey ho. It was only me and James because the others had already done the full day tour when they were waiting for us.

We were up at 7:15 am and thankfully feeling a lot better. We were with a decent group, no other English people yet the whole group still spoke English which was helpful. We began the tour at Maya Bay and it was beautiful, we realised that where we were, was the photo of our desktop background when we were at work. Except, it was a much better feeling being there rather than sat at a desk dreaming over a photo.

We walked around the National Park & it was so worth getting off the boat to explore. After an hour of being in paradise, we jumped back on the boat, had a few cheesy photos on the tip of the boat only to be disturbed by a creepy man asking for a photo with me. No thank you.

We shortly departed paradise and went snorkelling and as a first-timer, I found it hard to get used to breathing, as ridiculous as that sounds. James however, he was off and joined the professionals whilst I tried to stay afloat clinging onto the ladders trying to sort out my mouthpiece. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time in the water, especially when we were trying to sort out my broken mouthpiece for about 10 minutes. We saw some beautiful coloured fish and even a snake which followed James up to the boat and was hanging around by the ladders! We had some lunch on the boat and then drove round to see monkey beach. They looked vicious, but would only attack if you were annoying them with food, so obviously, we made sure we took nothing they would want to steal. We even took our float off the camera in case they mistook it for a banana. We tried so hard not to get attacked by a monkey, but instead, we both got stung by jellyfish.

Back on the boat and we were off back to Phi Phi. That evening we got ready and went out for dinner with Ollie & Lauren (Lollie) and then went to a bar where we played beer pong, or should I say cocktail pong. The guys sadly won. After that, we went to Reggae bar where they had Mui Tai fighting for random people. It was a good laugh, although it did get a bit spiteful at times.


If you ever visit Phi Phi then definitely check out this bar because it is different and excellent entertainment. We grabbed a cocktail bucket from the street and walked to the beach where we watched some fire shows & Lauren participate in a skipping-rope competition and she was for sure one of the best – Team Lauren!

We were quickly distracted by the small sand island being formed into the sea, we stood there for a while dancing away with our buckets and just laughing, appreciating each other’s company. It was a great night but we knew we were up early the next day to catch a ferry so we didn’t make it too late. We said goodbye to our tiny room and we were glad to be leaving. We stayed at B Place Guesthouse and we wouldn’t overly recommend it. It was a good location and away from the hustle and bustle but the room was tiny, leaving us feeling claustrophobic.

The BEST Day EVER! (Also Our WORST Days Ever)

We searched and searched for the most ethical and cheapest Elephant day. We found a trip to a sanctuary where we could mud-bathe the elephants, wash them and feed them. It was expensive (and we knew it would be), costing us 2300 THB pp (just over £52) but honestly, every penny was worth it, and we would do it over again and again.

Before I go on to describe our day, I can only say please do not ride/trek on elephants! We have since set up a petition to get it banned, so please check out and sign our petition.

We opted for the 11:30 tour, getting there about 12:30 pm. We began the day by receiving an information lesson where we got to learn about the Elephants. We grabbed a basket and prepared some fruit for them. Elephants don’t have stomachs which is why they eat such a huge amount.

We then got to greet them all and feed them; it was amazing. They were all so friendly and the babies were so energetic sloshing around in the mud. They provided a lot of humour watching them charge at people & watching mum & dad run away from them was the best part. After feeding them we went for a mud bath with them. It wasn’t quite the mud spa people dream of – but then you can’t complain when you’ve got elephants as company. It was so much fun and it really was so rewarding seeing them so happy in the type of environment they deserve to be in.

We then went ‘swimming’ with them although it wasn’t our everyday kind of swimming pool. People were splashing them and they were loving it.

We washed them down and gave them a scrub and then, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to them. It was a spectacular day and was our favourite day of our travels so far. We 100% recommend going to the Jungle Elephant Sanctuary either in Chiang Mai or Phuket.

We washed them down and gave them a scrub and then, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to them. It was a spectacular day and was our favourite day of our travels so far. We 100% recommend going to the Jungle Elephant Sanctuary either in Chiang Mai or Phuket.

We washed them down and gave them a scrub and then, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to them. It was a spectacular day and was our favourite day of our travels so far. We 100% recommend going to the Jungle Elephant Sanctuary either in Chiang Mai or Phuket.

It was a long, enjoyable day but we were all so tired and I & James were due to go to Phi Phi the following day. We went out for some dinner and had an early-ish night, although we still had a few cheeky drinks.

We purchased our boat tickets costing us only 300THB pp (about £7) with a small travel agent. But unfortunately, the day we were due to go we were both very poorly and no chance was we going to be able to travel. We had to call our boat company and change the boat ticket to the day after but there was a surcharge of an additional 200THB for the 2 of us. We were due to meet Ollie and Lauren (our friends we met in Pai) and they waited for us there for about 5 days so we felt super guilty letting them down. We agreed to this and booked another night accommodation. We spent the rest of the day in bed.

The next day we woke up, feeling a bit better but still not right we managed to false ourselves to go down for a plain breakfast. At that moment James went a nasty shade of white and I knew that again we would be unable to go. So, we repeated the previous day and called the boat company and they agreed to do the same thing but an additional 400THB for the 2 of us. This was getting expensive.

It was a disaster but we were so very poorly and our health always will come first no matter how much it costs us.

But the third day luckily we were good to go (and Ollie & Lauren were still there waiting patiently). We still weren’t 100% and every movement was a lot of effort (especially with 15kg on our backs). We said our goodbyes to my parents and it was sad, again. But only 6 weeks left and we would be back in England. We were on our way to Phi Phi, finally.

Next Stop With The Parents, Phuket

We flew from Bangkok to Phuket costing us £20pp (Cheaper than getting the train into London!), this was a better option because the bus journeys were very long and understandably Mum & Dad didn’t really fancy a long bus journey. We happily got a plane and arrived in Phuket at around 15:30, giving us plenty of time to still enjoy the evening. We ordered a Grab Taxi (Asian equivalent of Uber) and were off to the hotel which cost us 1000 Baht (about £22) for all of us.

Our hotel was situated between Karon Beach & Kata Beach and the journey took about 1 hour. We got to our hotel and we loved it! We had been given a free room upgrade with a pool & sea view and the views were beautiful.

We got settled in and went for a snack and some drinks before then freshening up and going out for some proper dinner. When everyone was ready (and smelt better) we wandered down the street and came across a lovely looking restaurant called Kata Villas. We were shocked to see how cheap the food and drink was, where we could get a cocktail jug for 129 baht (just under £3) so we took full advantage. After all mum & dad were on their holiday and it would be rude not to join in. There were fantastic food deals too, and what was even better was that the food was lovely! We tucked into dinner and then walked further up the road and found a decent restaurant that was doing any cocktails for 100 Baht (£2.50), this was just getting better! We didn’t continue our bar crawl that evening because after travelling we were pretty tired, but we were certainly saving ourselves to take full advantage of the cheap drink deals.

The next day we woke up and decided we would have a day full of exploration. It started off absolutely chucking it down but after we had breakfast it had stopped luckily. We wandered around Kata Beach, and went and sat and grabbed a drink, watching the world go by.

So far what we had seen of Phuket we really liked it, we especially enjoyed the cheap food and drinks. After sitting on the beach for a short while we decided we would go back and have a dip in the lovely swimming pool.

At one point, it must have looked like we were having a photoshoot, we were taking a lot of photos trying to get underwater photos without looking like we were drowning or in pain.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling and sipping on a few cocktails. We got ready and went out for some dinner and I discovered that swallowing chlorine water makes you very poorly (obviously, and no I didn’t do it on purpose). Einstein (James) threw me under the water when we were swimming and I swallowed a fair amount. So, another night I was unwell so we didn’t make it a late one.

We woke up and agreed we would go and see the Big Buddha and the Receptionist at the hotel warned us and said we can only do it when the weather is okay because it is hard to get transport up the hill when it is slippery. But the sun was blaring and the sky was blue so it was a perfect day to do it. We ordered our taxi and began our journey. 15 minutes in and the clouds were over us and the rain was falling, hard. Asia weather really is so unpredictable. We were half way there and it was too late to turn back now so our taxi driver powered through and we made it to the top.

The rain was horrific, a literal rainforest-type downpour. We had an umbrella and walked to the top and this was the result.

Despite the rain, the attraction was great to go and see so definitely visit it if you go to Phuket. We clambered back in the taxi soaking wet and I don’t think the driver was impressed that we drenched his car. We got back to the hotel and the rain had stopped (typical) so we went for a dip in the pool. We got ourselves ready and hopped in a party tuk-tuk ready to visit Bangla Road.

Quite literally a party tuk-tuk with loud music blasting, we felt like we were in our local nightclub. It was so funny and all 4 of us were dancing away! (Don’t worry, we don’t actually dance like that!)

We arrived and went around the backstreets to a street food stall and grabbed some dinner. It was delicious and so cheap. We then wandered around to Bangla Road and it was crazy. There were girls (I think?) dancing on poles, people offering us ping pong & sex shows, lights flashing on every corner of every bar, It was so busy and I’ve never seen so many drinks offers down one street – it was like Christmas had come early.

It was an experience, although not one we would necessarily want to repeat. We had a few drinks and had enough for the night so jumped in a private car back to the hotel and into bed.

The Airport Surprise!

The next day we were due to move accommodation. We had booked ourselves into a hotel nearer the airport. For those that don’t know my parents came over to see us in Thailand so we were going to surprise them at the airport. Their flight was due to land at 5:45 am local time, so we had woken up at 4:50 am and on our way to the airport by 5:30 am. They thought that we were going to meet them at the hotel.


Walking around the airport looking like we were extras from the Walking Dead, we were ready to meet & greet. I held up my sign which had their names on there and we waited…and waited…and waited a bit more. They finally walked through at 6:30 am and were chuffed to see us.

We greeted them and then made our way to our hotel in Bangkok, Silom area. Catching up with gossip and sitting in a taxi for about 1.5 hours we walked into a fantastic hotel. It made us realise how much we had actually been slumming it, this hotel was pure luxury.

We arrived at the hotel at around 9 am and straight away took mum and dad to experience a 7/11 toastie. It exceeded their expectations. We walked around for a little while whilst we waited to check in, and headed back to the hotel at about 10:30 and our rooms were still not ready. 2 pm came around and we were eventually shown to our rooms. They were massive, it almost felt like we had an apartment.


We freshened up and had a nap and then went out for some early dinner and some welcome drinks. We went into a proper restaurant which we haven’t been to in a very long time – it felt like being back home. We didn’t make it a late one because my parents jet lag was kicking in and we were both pretty tired ourselves from the early start.

The following day we took the sky train and local boat to the Grand Palace.


We didn’t manage to go in because it was pretty expensive and we weren’t overly bothered. We walked round to the Sleeping Buddha which was amazing and huge

The entry fee was only 100 Baht per person. It was definitely worth seeing so we’d recommend checking it out. It was a massive complex of Buddhist temples and we spent about an hour in there just walking around and attempting to cool off by throwing water over each other – we practically had a water fight at a temple, classy English people we are.

We walked back round to the overly crowded boat pier and was ushered on a ferry back to our area of Silom. Tip: When getting on the ferry be very careful because there are many people selling ‘private tour boat’ which is still only 100 Baht pp, but if you want to get the local ferry you can pick that up for 15 baht pp. This is a big difference, and the local ferry is far more cultural. So look out for the local ferry (no one will approach you trying to sell it to you and a lady is sitting in a little booth).

We were back at the hotel and just had to cool down in the rooftop pool. Once the sun had gone in we decided to grab some night time photos of the Bangkok sky line.

We then had some civilised drinks in our room before heading onto the streets of Silom. Before going out we searched the internet for the best food in our area and it came up with a locals restaurant called Hai-Som Tam Convent. The food was delicious and really cheap costing us just 90thb a dish (just over £2). After indulging in a lovely Pad Thai we ventured out and discovered a little bar street with fantastic drink deals. We had a few (too many) drinks (obviously, it would be rude not to) and then went back to have some sleep.

The next day we indulged in a MASSIVE breakfast which was included within the price of the hotel and I must say it made a nice change to toast and jam.


After looking like a group of pregnant pigs we left and began our day. We got a taxi to China Town and to be honest, it was a bit disappointing. It was pretty dirty and didn’t give off the same kind of atmosphere like China town in London. But still, we made the most of it and explored the area discovering, guess what? Another Buddhist temple. We didn’t spend too long at China Town, about 1.5 hours and that was more than enough time.

After that, we got another taxi and went to Lumphini Park. This was a huge park and we got to see a little bit of wildlife too, we saw massive lizards that looked like baby crocodiles and also saw some turtles. We decided we would go on a pedalo boat which was fun, although I’m not convinced dad & James found it fun when they got off drenched in sweat looking like they had just run a marathon.

After our adventure around the park, we decided to head back and go for a swim before heading out that evening. We had a couple of drinks before leaving the room on a search for dinner. We came across a street food stall where we all grabbed a rice meal for about £1.10 pp. This was another meal so full of flavour – it amazes me how delicious they can make a rice dish and yet make it look so effortless to make. After another amazing dinner, we went wandering around the town and discovered a ‘ping pong’ strip along with a market. It was disturbing, to say the least, and we definitely did not go in and watch. Instead, we wandered around and stopped off at a street food stall for some drinks before heading back.

Our time in Bangkok was enjoyable but we were ready for a beach location. We were moving onto Phuket with my parents. We stayed at Furama Silom Hotel and it was a beautiful room with a fantastic pool. If you are looking at staying in the Silom area then definitely check it out. We were really going to miss it there but was looking forward to luxury hotel number 2.

Bangkok, We Are Back!

Our flight eventually decided to take off and the flight was delightful, much more delightful than sitting on a 20-hour bus journey anyway. We were served with free snacks and a meal which went down a treat!

Luckily, we booked an airport hotel that evening because we knew we were going to be arriving late, although didn’t anticipate arriving THAT late. We got into a metered taxi and at 3 am we were in our hotel room and for sure going to get some sleep.

We woke up the next day ready to move onto a hotel more in the centre of Sukhumvit. We jumped in a taxi and made it to our new hostel which was called Hide Bangkok Hostel. It was such a lovely room which held so much character with a beanbag in the corner.

We paid just £12 a night for both of us and even had breakfast included. We would highly recommend staying here, although it was about a 10-minute walk away from the BTS train station, it was extremely comfortable and was a new building, which meant all of the rooms were newly decorated.

We explored the shopping centre Terminal 21 and whilst we don’t even like shopping we felt like we kind of had to check out at least one of the shopping centres in Sukhumvit. The centre had different themed floors i.e. London, San Francisco, Rome etc. It was clever how they had done it, but the London floor didn’t really have a home-feel, despite the strong Underground theme.

We ended up spending about 2 hours in the centre just wandering around and taking in the busy vibe of crazy shopaholics.

That evening we agreed we would stay local to our hostel because we were very tired from the late night the night before. We discovered a Tesco around the corner and they had a mass amount of food stalls in the food court. We decided we would eat there that evening as all the foods were local dishes… and cheap! We treated ourselves to a delicious ice cream from a stall called ‘Dairy Queen’ and it’s like whipped ice cream. If you see one of these stalls then you must get one. After indulging in a beautiful dessert, we headed back and got some sleep.

We were up and ready to go and explore Sukhumvit. We went down and got some breakfast and then went to head out and I crunched on something. About a quarter of my tooth had come out. I wasn’t happy but luckily it wasn’t hurting… and I didn’t swallow it which I guess is a bonus.
We continued with our day and tried not to let it affect our plans, I just had to get on with it. So off we went!

We bought a day pass for the BTS (sky train) which allowed us to hop on and off as many times as we wanted. This, by the way, is totally worth doing if you plan on sightseeing via the sky train, it cost us only 140 THB each (about £3.50). We went to the Siam Paragon, Victory Monument, The Giant Swing, and the Rommaninat Park which we got a canal boat to costing us 9 Baht each.

Siam Paragon was a huge shopping centre which we didn’t spend a lot of time in because of our weirdo shopping phobia (joking!). They had a massive e-sports competition going on within the mall where there were thousands of young people crowded round a 100+ inch flat screen TV. Victory Monument was a roundabout statue that represents the Thai victory in the ‘Franco-Thai’ War, a brief conflict waged against the French colonial authorities in Indo-China, which resulted in Thailand annexing some territories in western Cambodia and northern and southern Laos. These were among the territories which the Kingdom of Siam had ceded to France in 1893 and 1904, and nationalist Thais considered them to belong to Thailand.

The Giant Swing…how they can even call it a swing I don’t know. They got rid of the swing part so we basically went to see 2 big red poles – so don’t stress to try and see it. Trust us, it really isn’t anything special.

The Rommaninat Park was full of creepy looking people so we entered and exited as quickly as possible. We got a local ferry boat down the canal to Phanfa Bridge area. We wandered around but didn’t stay for too long.

Tip: When sightseeing in Bangkok area especially, there are many scammers. People will come up to you and just be acting friendly, but then it turns out that they are tuk-tuk drivers who want to get you into their tuk-tuk, but they will turn angry if you say no. One man pretended to fall off the kerb in front of us and fell into us, and then started being friendly asking where we were from etc and then started giving us directions and following us. We told him no and luckily, we got him away before he started getting angry. We saw another couple get caught by a scammer because he wandered over to the couple and asked them for the time even though he was wearing a watch. He then started talking to them and asking what they were doing etc. Always be careful because they aren’t ‘just being friendly’. We don’t want to put anyone off Bangkok, or the rest of Thailand for that matter for reasons like this, just as long as you know then happy sight-seeing. Also, when going into certain attractions such as the Wat Suthat, then tuk-tuk drivers will sit outside and tell you it isn’t open, they hope to get you and take you around to somewhere else, gaining business from you.

After doing some sightseeing we went back to the hostel to freshen up, have a power snooze and grab some dinner. We went back to Tesco food court and we stupidly ordered green curry with basil. I can only assume that what they mean by basil is actually chilli. My mouth was on fire and so was James’. I couldn’t actually eat my meal so James had 2 plates full of this mouth-firing dinner and he looked like he had the severe flu. Eyes red and watery, his top lip looked like red lipstick gone wrong and his nose running like Niagara Falls. It was not a good look, but what a champion for eating both dishes.

We finished dinner and back on the train to go and check out the Benjasiri park. It was so peaceful and the locals were going for their evening jogs.

We sat there for a while overlooking the lake and observing the expensive-looking properties and enjoyed our time there. It is worth seeing if you are in the area. After that, we went to check out Soi Cowboy (red light district, a.k.a Ladyboy street) which was interesting, to say the least. I will admit, a big shout-out to the Thai Surgeons because their work is impressive (visit Soi-Cowboy and you will know what I mean by this).
We had a long-tiring day so we went back to the hostel. It’s fair to say we got our monies worth on the BTS train pass, but after a long day with a long of walking it was time to call it a day.

Delays In Vientiane

The next day we were picked up by a minivan to go to Vientiane. The journey cost us £3.50 pp. As the minivan pulled up we were both confused and laughed as if to say, ‘Imagine if they put our bags on the roof’, then the driver climbed onto the ladders and asked for us to pass our bags. They actually were on the roof (thankfully strapped in). As we were the final pick-up we were stuck at the back of the van and it was so bumpy you could quite literally feel every twig and stone we’d drive over, I’m still convinced we should have been provided with helmets, to be honest.


We made it to Vientiane alive… and in one piece. We made some more friends on the bus who were lovely and they didn’t have any accommodation booked so they joined us at our hostel. We spent the day with them and went to do some sightseeing.

We went to Pha That Luang, a golden temple which sits at the heart of northern Vientiane,

The Patuxai, which seemed to be a representation of the ‘Arc De Triomphe’ from Paris,

And an unnamed temple near the Pha That Luang.

It was an enjoyable day in which we were able to enrich ourselves within the Laos culture. We went back to our rooms to freshen up and then went for some dinner with them. The plan was to get some street food, but nothing really tickled our fancy. We went to a restaurant instead which seemed to be where the locals would go. There was a live singer, and the meals were still reasonable price paying a small amount of about £4 for 2 of us.

We wandered around town and then decided to head back for the evening. We sat around and just stayed up talking until we all looked like we were about to fall asleep, that’s when we realised we should call it a night.

Our final day in Laos we were hanging around. We booked a flight to get back to Bangkok because we really didn’t fancy sitting on a 20-hour bus journey when a flight would take less than an hour. It was a little more expensive by about £20pp. We hadn’t flown much and were doing well on our budget so decided that we would treat ourselves and travel via plane. The only problem was the flight was 21:30 so we had to wait around all day.

It wasn’t too bad though because we did some blogging and went to the Lao National Museum. It cost about £1 pp entry and I can understand why. We wouldn’t recommend visiting because it was pretty boring, the museum mostly consisted of photos with descriptions in their own language and whilst we can just about say hello in Lao, we certainly can’t speak it fluently. We were in & out within about 20 minutes but at least we did something with our day.

We attempted to join our friends to the museum but the plans fell through so we ended up meeting them afterwards before saying our goodbyes. It was sad saying goodbye yet again, but unfortunately, that’s all part of travelling. We jumped into our tuk-tuk and was on our way to the airport.

Vientiane airport is tiny, we had quickly checked in, gone through security and was waiting around. James went to check our flight and was walking towards me with an un-amused look on his face – uh oh. We were delayed by 2.5 hours.


We were so annoyed considering we had paid extra money to travel by air hoping to get there sooner but after waiting around all day, waiting at the airport and then getting delayed we would have been better off just getting a 20-hour bus. What made us laugh was within the flight cost we got a meal included. They made an announcement to inform us we were delayed and that they would give us a complimentary meal and drink. James went off to claim our ‘meal’ and this is what we got


A custard roll the size of half my palm & a drink. At least they tried I suppose and it’s the thought that counts. 2.5 hours waiting and watching a lot of Orange is the New Black it was finally time to board. We flew with Thai Airways and it was really comfortable, it certainly put Easyjet to shame. It was a big plane with TV’s, cushions & food and for less than an hour journey, I didn’t feel as though I had enough time to get my money’s worth of the facilities. We were on our way to Bangkok, and it was quite a relief to be leaving Laos.

The Sleepy Town of Vang Vieng

The journey to Vang Vieng wasn’t too bad considering we were stuck on a minivan. However, the driver was fairly good compared to other drivers in SE Asia. When arriving it was, of course, raining, as usual, it was like wherever we would arrive we were always greeted by rain. Vang Vieng is a strange, small city. We were staying the other side of the old airstrip which kept us away from the chaos, only a 10-minute walk from the bus station so we walked. We arrived at our hotel and it was lovely and even better we were upgraded for free.

Unfortunately, due to the fact the exchange rate increased, we did have to pay a little more than we would have wanted at £16 per night, but again we had breakfast included so we didn’t have to pay out for that. The resort was called Vang Vieng Boutique Resort with a beautiful swimming pool. Unfortunately, I don’t think countries such as Laos have quite mastered drainage systems. The road leading out from our hotel was flooded nearly every day we were there which wasn’t very pleasant to walk through (especially with flip flops). I would always walk away with more mud than I wanted up my leg!

We then had to walk across the airstrip which looked like a boot-sale carpark which was also flooded. But once we had practically swum through the puddles we were only a 5-minute walk into the town. We discovered an Irish bar called Gary’s Irish Bar which was fantastic! Whilst we are both up for trying local dishes and sticking to their cuisine, there is only so much rice & noodles one’s body can take. A Western dish would always go down a treat, especially spaghetti Bolognese, although it never tasted as good as home.

The day after we explored the area and took advantage of the warm swimming pool overlooking the fields. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a huge amount to do in Vang Vieng so we just had another chilled-out day in the pool and at Gary’s Irish Bar. We booked a tour for the following day for about £8 which was tubing in the cave and then kayaking down the River afterwards, also including lunch.

We woke up and took full advantage of our free breakfast. We got picked up ready for the tour at about 9 am and we were with a group of Korean people again which is a shame because of the language barrier. We were taken to the river and walked through some rice fields to get to the cave. We put on our gear and jumped in our tube and it was so much fun!

We had a rope which we would use to pull ourselves through the cave. I didn’t get any photos of us in the cave because it was too dark. We were in there for about 45 minutes before coming back out and being blinded by the brightness of the sunlight. We walked back through the rice fields and went for some lunch which was delicious. Everyone had finished eating and we clambered into our kayak. Comparing our kayak adventure to when we took them out in the sea it was a completely different experience. The kayak down the river would just flow with the current which made it a lot easier, and much more fun!

The river we were going down was the same river where they do the tubing. This type of tubing is where you sit in a rubber ring and flow down the river.  Along the river banks there are many bars and the workers would throw out a rope and pull you in if you wanted to visit that bar. A few years ago, there were many deaths from this activity because people got so very drunk and drowned. They have now limited the number of bars that are allowed to be open so that people don’t get as drunk.

Our only advice is if you plan on doing tubing just be sensible, have a good time but just have your wits about you. We got talking to a couple who were on their way back from doing tubing and they were so drunk; they had 5 buckets between them which is a crazy amount. We stopped off at one of the bars during our kayak trip and indulged in a beer to share (we were sensible).

It was an incredible experience with the music blaring and the incredible views. We had a great day & we would highly recommend it, especially for the cheap price.

That evening we decided we would go out for some drinks. We met (another) really lovely couple from Scotland and ended up spending the evening with them enjoying a bar crawl. It was an enjoyable day, but it got to 2 am and we were so ready for bed.

We woke up, feeling slightly fragile but laughing about the night’s events. Another warning is to be very careful of drinks in Laos, we have heard many stories about people getting so overly drunk because of their bleach-tasting vodkas etc. The people we were with that evening, unfortunately, experienced it because they were battered, me and James proudly played mum and dad.

We had a relaxing day but ventured out to book our bus ticket to Vientiane for the next day. We grabbed some food and had a night in whilst enjoying a chip butty. A good night’s sleep was calling our names.