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Goodbye Vietnam

On our Second day, we thought it would be a good idea to try and check out the Notre Damme again, so we carried out the long 45-minute walk again, arrived and it was closed. We can only laugh about it now, but our poor feet were in agony. We went to the Central Post Office which is huge and located in a fantastic building right next to the Notre Damme.

After that, we took a walk back and stopped for lunch and then chilled in a cafe for a little while. We went back to the apartment fairly early so we could chill out and relax before heading off for dinner. We got hungry (doesn’t take long) and went back to the Ben Thanh Food Market for some dinner, as it was our final night in Vietnam we treated ourselves to a rib dish which went down a treat, however as we were sharing it we were still hungry. We got a beef and rice dish afterwards and sat outside whilst there was a band playing. They were really good singers and it was a fantastic way to say goodbye to Vietnam as we chilled with our beers and enjoyed the evenings’ entertainment.

We left Vietnam at around 12:30 pm the next day, got on our bus and began our journey. Our bus journey was, should I say, professional & safe. We had seat belts! They also gave us a bottle of water and even a picnic box. I don’t know if it felt like a luxury because it was, or if it felt like a luxury because of the bus experiences we have had. Regardless it was a comfortable and enjoyable journey taking us only about 7 hours. We went through security and passport control and we were officially through!

We arrived at our hotel at about 7:00 pm, put our things in our room and went out to refuel our energy.

Arriving In Crazy Ho Chi Minh City

We travelled from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh via train, it was only a 5-hour journey so was a piece of cake for us. After clambering off the train we went and sat in a cafe and had a bite to eat. We booked an apartment via Airbnb and was due to meet the owner at 5 pm. We got to the apartment around 4:45 pm and waited around for him, he arrived on time and took us up to the room, our first impressions were wow! But then we saw the owner go into his room…which was also within our apartment. So basically, we were living like uni students in a flat share. We were too excited by the free usage of a washing machine to care. Admittedly we don’t appreciate back home the luxuries of clean smelling clothes, and I felt old being excited over a washing machine! We emptied our whole bags and did a mass wash taking full advantage of this luxury. The apartment was lovely and we had a kitchen area so we thought we would find a supermarket and cook some dinner ourselves.

So after walking 25 minutes we found one, but it was absolutely rammed – it was like Tesco’s on Christmas Eve. The food didn’t work out cheap to buy and was more cost effective to just go out for some dinner, so that was a completely pointless and time-wasted journey. Instead, we stopped off at a street food stop and got some dinner, we then headed back and planned the rest of our days in Ho Chi Minh.

Our first full day in Ho Chi Minh was incredible and we survived not getting hit by any mopeds! As the weather was really hot we decided we would get up and out in good timing, we walked 45 minutes to the Notre Damme Basilica??? only to be told that we weren’t allowed in because we were dressed inappropriately as James was wearing a cropped top again. No, but on a serious note our shoulders & knees were on show and to say we were annoyed is an understatement.

We walked on towards the War Remnant Museum instead which was about the War between Vietnam and the US between 1955-1975. This was very interesting but incredibly hard to read about. They used a chemical called ‘Agent Orange’ which caused serious defects and unfortunately many people today are still suffering. There was one story about a young girl who had to be locked in a cage all her life because anything she touched she would have the desire to eat – just like a zombie. It was eye opening and made us realise that we were completely unaware of the trauma that everyone had suffered.

When we had finished the museum, we took a visit to the Ben Thanh Market where we were able to practice our bartering skills. The market is filled with food, coffee, souvenirs, tailors, clothing, jewellery stalls etc. so anything you want then the world is your oyster if you go there.

We moved onto Ben Thanh Food Market and grabbed a bite to eat. If you are travelling to Ho Chi Minh then definitely check out the street food market, it really reminded us of Camden Market in London. There were hundreds of different delicacies to choose from.

After feeding our bellies we headed back to sit in a coffee shop for a while – although I’m convinced we only sat in there for the air conditioning! We wandered back to the apartment after finally cooling down, had a nap and then got ready to go out and explore the city at night.

We went back to the Ben Thanh Food Market for dinner, we both had a kebab wrap although mine turned to mush as it all just fell apart. We then wandered around to the Backpackers Street which is just a crazy street crammed with bars and clubs. We stopped off for a cocktail and overlooked the crazy Saigon antics. We were hustled by many locals and one was a little boy probably about 12 years old and he was trying to sell us something – the guy who worked at the bar saw and pushed him away as he wouldn’t leave in which the young boy replied with “f*** off”, he got incredibly rude but eventually left. Then we were watching as a young girl around 15/16 put a tin down on the floor, took a gasp of drink (something flammable) and then started fire-breathing. It was insane because she was so young and then came around collecting money.

The children are worse than the adults, but then maybe their parents were encouraging that sort of behaviour. We decided that 1 drink each was enough so we took a stroll back to the apartment and got some sleep.

Mui Ne Pit Stop

We decided that we would stop off in Mui Ne. The original plan was to spend 2/3 nights there, but when we tried to book, EVERYWHERE was sold out. There was literally nothing on any of the websites we use ( / Agoda etc). We searched for the 1 night in Mui Ne and luckily, we were able to find something. We went ahead with the 1 option we had and worked out that the lack of choices was due to it being Bank Holiday weekend.

We booked a bus journey via our hostel, costing us only £4 pp. This was a very, should I say, ‘cosy’ journey. Our friend that we met also came with us, and throughout the 5-hour journey she had a broken chair which the driver tried to fix with a plastic stall and a brick, I guess it was good of him to try and the thought was there.

After the gruelling bus journey, we arrived in Mui Ne. Back to humid weather we stepped off and jumped in a taxi to our hostel. Our cab driver drove the completely wrong way, even when we tried to tell him he insisted he knew where he was going (he didn’t have a clue). He continued to drive when we told him to stop as we could tell it was completely wrong due to google maps. We clambered out of the cab, got our bags and he just lingered with us like a bad smell waiting for money. We refused to pay because he just took us further away from where we wanted to go, but then he got his phone out and was probably calling the police. We told him if he takes us to the right place then we will pay him, so he did. We got there…eventually, walked to our hostel and the owner looked shocked to see us. He had no idea we were coming even though they had confirmed the booking. He couldn’t talk a word of English and smelt like he’d been drinking for days, so as you can imagine it was quite a struggle. After reluctantly allowing us to stay there, he took us round to our room and thank god it was decent!

After freshening up we went to get some lunch and then booked our forward journey – that wasn’t simple either. All the accommodation was double as expensive due to Bank holiday weekend. By the time we had booked everything and settled in, it was too late to actually do anything.

It’s fair to say Mui Ne didn’t treat us very well, but I guess not every day is going to be a breeze and go as planned. We would recommend that if anyone is travelling Vietnam, then Mui Ne is a good pit stop to break up the long journey to Saigon or Da Lat. We have also heard that the Sand Dunes are a great place to visit, but unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to visit them. We personally wouldn’t recommend visiting Mui Ne unless you wish to escape the cultural vibe and enjoy partying. If you do plan to visit, then we would recommend our hostel which was called Dinh Ngoc Guesthouse.

Canyoneering In Da Lat

We traveled to Da Lat by bus, which to be honest felt more like a 4×4 driving experience. It was so bumpy and rocky. When driving into Da Lat it started really raining, and when I mean raining I don’t mean the kind of rain we get back in England, I mean full on chucking it down kind of rain. When we got off the bus it had stopped raining and although the clouds were still black we decided we would be brave and walk to our hostel as it was only a 15-minute walk. Obviously, we didn’t make it without it raining on us, so we took cover under a hotel for about 30 minutes whilst we hoped it would pass…it didn’t, so we hopped in a cab and arrived at our hostel. It was such poor weather we didn’t do much on our first day. We got talking to a girl from Brighton, and we all went out to check out the 100’s rooftop bar. It was crazy!

We wandered around the town for a while and then headed back to the hostel.

Our hostel offered a ‘family dinner’ where the guests and staff all have dinner together. So that evening we thought it would be a good idea to join and possibly meet some new people.

Polaroid CUBE

We went to the dinner and there were about 6 of us, everyone was great company, the food was delicious and the staff was great fun. They let us try their local ‘rice wine’, which tasted nothing like English wine- more like tequila. They also taught us a card game too which was great fun. We had a few cheap beers and then decided 5 of us would go back to the 100’s rooftop bar.

We had a great evening but didn’t want a late night due to being up early for canyoneering the next day.

We woke up ready to begin our busy day canyoneering, had some breakfast and jumped on the tour bus. We were shown all the equipment, got changed into appropriate clothing and began our first trial run which was practice abseiling down a hill.


After completing the practice run, we were taken around to our first cliff. Obviously, the first time is always the hardest and scariest, but considering our nerves we both done quite well. We continued to do fantastic activities such as a cliff jump, natural water slides, lazy river and finishing off with the ‘washing machine’ (this was abseiling down a cliff into a waterfall). I didn’t do the washing machine as I didn’t like the idea of being trapped underwater and having no control, I think jumping off an 11m cliff was just about my limit for that day! The whole day walking from activities and then walking back totaled to a 5km trek. We had such a great day and it was an unreal experience – although we were shattered and ached all over it was totally worth it. We paid around £35 per person, this included a whole day’s activities, lunch, pickup and drop off from our hotel. If anyone is visiting Da Lat, we used the company which we would recommend using.

After our busy day, we went out for some dinner, came back to the hostel and just relaxed for the evening as we were up early the next day ready to move onto Mui Ne

Exploring Nha Trang

After both catching up on sleep, we got ourselves ready to explore Nha Trang. We walked for around 45 minutes to Po Nagar Cham Towers. These were temples built between the 7th and 12th centuries where people go to worship. This was great to see, and the views from the top were again fantastic.

We were walking around and heard music playing, after investigating we came across people singing and dancing.

The most random things happen in the strangest places, but that’s all part of travelling and we love that! After exploring the towers, we decided that we would visit the Alexandre Yersin Museum, where he was the discoverer of the bacillus responsible for the bubonic plague. We didn’t have high hopes for this but gave it a go anyway, and it turned out to be really interesting, so if you visit Nha Trang and are interested in History then definitely check this out.

There isn’t a huge amount to do in Nha Trang and most attractions are quite far out and hard to get to as there is no public transport. We headed back to a café and focused on the blog for a little while and then back to the hotel to recharge our batteries ready for our evening. After getting ready we headed out for some dinner and then went back to the hotel as we were both so tired.

The following day as there wasn’t a lot to do, we relaxed on the beach after haggling to get prices down for the sunbeds and got talking to a lovely Canadian couple. We were talking to them for ages, so long we didn’t realise the sun had moved round and was, in fact, cooking us. They seemed like great company and we arranged to meet them that evening for some drinks. Until then, we sat talking to them and then headed off for some lunch and back to our regular cafe to do some blogging.

We went for some Western dinner as we were craving familiar food, it was disappointing and didn’t taste ‘familiar’. Spaghetti Bolognese which didn’t taste like our parent’s versions (which we miss… ALOT). We met up with our new pals, played some pool and had some drinks. It was a great evening with great company.

The next day, again we didn’t get up too much but we did discover a shopping centre with an actual supermarket! Supermarkets are very rare in Vietnam so this was a pleasant surprise. We wandered around and discovered the most atrocious items of clothing.

We grabbed some food for lunch, sat on a bench and enjoyed our picnic whilst overlooking the sea. Later, we sat in another coffee shop and focused on blogging before going back to the hotel. That evening we went out for dinner and came across a restaurant where we could sit on the 1st floor and overlook the street. We ordered foot-long sandwiches which were delicious, and very cheap.

The restaurant was called Gecko, so if you love a foot-long then check it out. We headed back to the hotel, packed and got ready for our early morning the following day ready for the next destination.

The Dreaded Sleeper Bus

Whilst getting onto the sleeper bus we got talking to another couple from the Czech Republic. They seemed like a great laugh and they said about sitting at the back of the bus with them because there were 5 seats and one of those seats we can put all our belongings on. This seemed like a good idea at the time until the bus was full and someone required our ‘spare’ seat. There we were laying there like awkward sardines with the heat from the engine blasting away – we were now sweaty sardines.

Everyone looked cosy and comfortable and we were stupid yet again and made the wrong decision, but oh well, only 11 hours to go I suppose.

When we got onto the bus, the first thing I checked for was a toilet – which turns out it didn’t exist. No toilet on an 11-hour journey, you have got to be joking! For anyone who knows us personally, we don’t have strong bladders and when we need to go there is no waiting, we seriously NEED to go. 45 minutes into the journey and guess what we needed? Yep, the toilet…already. James went and asked the angry bus driver and he said 30 minutes until he stops. 15 minutes later he stopped, a handful of guys get up and off they go to pee on the side of the road. However, this is no place for ladies to go to the toilet, as I was pushed away by the arrogant driver, that was when I thought I was going to lose all my dignity I ever owned and pee in a bottle.

Luckily, about 20 minutes later we stopped. I’m not even going to try and put into words how much of a relief it was. The journey went fairly quickly but then I’m not surprised because his driving was horrendous. Let’s put it this way, he probably drove double the speed limit! We felt like we were part of the film Fast & Furious. I remember laying there at one point with my eyes shut and I felt like I was on a Roller Coaster! Unfortunately, we didn’t get sufficient amount of sleep so we were super tired when we arrived at Nha Trang. It was about 5:30 am when we arrived, got to our hotel and the shutters were down. Luckily, they must have heard us talking outside so they let us in and we got checked into our room – so back to bed we went