Our Journey To Hanoi

After 20+ hours of travelling, 2 flights (London to Dubai and then Dubai to Hanoi), not much sleep and already dreading the heavy bags, we finally arrived in Hanoi at about 16:00 (their time).

We waited around at the airport for about an hour and a half. We went straight to the Visa border where we handed over our Approval Forms and signed application forms, as well as our passports. We were waiting for around 20/30 minutes (however this could have been a much longer process if another plane full of people got there before us). We got our Visas and were officially through – the journey properly starts now!

As soon as we had got through all the required checks, we went to get our bags, that’s when we experienced our first moment of panic. James’ bag came out straight away, 15 minutes later and still no sign of my bag, another lot of bags from another flight started to come through and I honestly thought I was going to be wearing James’ boxers for part of my trip. Eventually, after stressing and sweating I saw my bag and can honestly say the sense of relief was the best feeling ever!

We jumped in our cab and was finally on our way to our hotel!